Mister Peculiar is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and composer. Ever since he started playing guitar, he has written and performed music in each and every flavour
, wisely shaping and reinventing his thoughtful style in every circumstance.

After years of collaborations with various bands and artists, most notably as member of rock band
Sheer Dulled & the Peculiar Brains (releasing the EP "SDPB" in 2005) and as member of rock-blues band The Blues Breakout (releasing the album "The Best Of..."), he started his solo career in 2011, releasing his first solo album "I Should Follow Steve's Thought", a collection of songs all written and composed by him, that range from the folk of "Sailing in vain" and "The Man" to the blues of "Dissatisfaction blues" and "Flowers of allusion", the rock of "Vexatious fly" and the introspection of "Letter to a friend". The Album was shortly followed by the EP "Informal Session, pt. 1": an acoustic, more intimate rendition of 4 of those tracks.

In 2014 he released his second album "Changes", a concept-album around a journey through the man’s mind. The songs guide the listener through the mental process of changes happening inside the person's mind, highlighting how changes have to happen inside your mind to make them happen outside, and to do that, you have to "walk within thy mind, not on the road".

Currently he lives in London.


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