Mister Peculiar is a guitarist, singer and songwriter. Since he started playing guitar at age 14, he has collaborated and played with several bands and artists, ranging from classic blues to more hard rock, from folk to pop, both covers and own material.

After few local bands in his early career, in 2002 he formed
Sheer Dulled & the Peculiar Brains: a 70s pop-influenced rock band with which he wrote lots of compositions and recorded an EP by the same name. During the same period he also formed country/folk acoustic cover band Gold Rush Acoustic Trio. After about 5 years of gigging with SDPB and Gold Rush, he formed Blues Breakout: a blues three-piece band with which he recorded a live-in-studio album of classic blues covers.

In 2009,
after a brief period writing songs, gigging and recording an EP with english pop band The Shindig Addicts (official video available here), he formed the rock/blues cover trio The Bridge and recorded an EP.

After a year gigging with The Bridge, in 2011 he recorded his first solo album "I should follow Steve's thought", a mix of folk, rock and blues songs he wrote, composed and recorded.

In 2012, he released an EP called "Informal Session, pt. 1", an acoustic version of few songs from the previous album, while working on new material.

Currently he lives in London working on his upcoming new album.


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